Childish Gambino- ‘Awaken, My Love’

Can’t say I have enjoyed all of Mr. Glovers work in the past, however the singles leading up to ‘Awaken, My Love'(which dropped late last night) really sparked my interest as it seemed Childish Gambino was stepping in a completely different direction then Because of the Internet. The signs were not wrong as this album shattered the expectations of the artist showing he is just as versatile on a mic as he is in the other endeavours.

The album kicks off with some serious heavy tracks with major psychedelic rock influences, but after Redbone (the 2nd single released off ‘Awaken, My Love’) the album seems to pivot into a more funkadelic, soulful expression of Gambino’s mindset. While maintaining the heavy guitar licks, the album taking it down a notch, adding in some smooth background vocals and introducing some much deeper base lines.

This one’s gunna take a few for me to decide if it’ll make it into rotation. Just making sure ya’ll have that opportunity to explore with me.

First Listen Fav’s: Me and Your Mama, California, Baby Boy, The Night Me and Your Mama Met.


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