Frank Ocean-Blonde

I could probably talk about this album all damn day, but decided to throw up it up this afternoon as I found myself revisiting it (again). This album has the unique power to connect with the listener, and wasting my breath on my personal interpretation would do anyone a disservice.

Through out my time listening to Frank (ever since Channel Orange dropped), I have noticed certain singles resonating with me at very different times, generally depicted by the mood which brought me to that specific listen. Once you’ve given the album enough time, and heard each song with the right ears, it starts to take on a different form. One which depicts a culmination of mindsets  and attitudes of which the album was written from with a strong overarching theme (and judging by the album art, that would be nothing turns out as you intend). The album in itself seems to almost take the form of symphony, each instrument used as a different internal monologue’s tone, and depending on the track,many of which are muted, allowing others to take charge.

This album is astonishingly honest and raw, and each listener should grant Frank Ocean a few well earned go arounds to see how you will connect with it. At the end of the day, we all have stayed up ’til our phone died.


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