Chromeo-White Women

This album takes me the fuck back.


Chromeo emotes out such positive and  comical vibes on this album it could make Donald J. Trump himself not take himself too seriously for a few hours. This duo manage to get away with arguably more then they should by wrapping their sultry lyrics into such perfectly crafted, polished production, with bass lines that would make the your average funk fan consider a trip to MTL. The risqué ‘Over Your Shoulder’, speaks of girls self-conscious, who’s anxiety acts as a “self fulfilling prophecy”, is beautifully paired with the hilarious and catchy ‘Jealous’, outlining the difficulty Dave 1’s experiences on a night out with the girlfriend. I mean, after all, he bought that fucking jacket. The album seems to place you in the shoes of a horny mid 20’s man, out on the prowl, and allows you to laugh along with the band at the trials and tribulations faced by him, but also acknowledging that we too can be so petty.


The layering of the instrumentals is seamless, and considering the limitations on the artists only having two in the group, it band brings a cohesiveness that perhaps only the Olson Twins can pull off. This is especially apparent on the closing track, where the band swap out any would be guitar riff for some smoother then anything strings, and tossing in a mesmerizing sythn sax solo for good measure. These boys are always on the same page, and during the 54 minutes of the album, they grant you access to join them.


Toss this on if ya need a pick me up and before you know if, guaranteed a few tracks will be in permanent rotation. Not quite certified, but man is this close.


Fav Tracks: Jealous, Over Your Shoulder, Hard to Say No, Fall Back To You, (Sexy socialite also has a special place in my heart).






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