Giorgio by Moroder- Daft Punk

When I first heard Random Access Memories, I was on a road trip, and the DJ didn’t quite make it this far into the album. I was not the keenest upon first listen, and didn’t revisit it immediately. Months later, I was perusing some music on youtube and listening to some old Daft Punk off of discovery (a personal favourite). The Youtube algorithm did its dirty work and brought me to Giorgio. I continued reading, but my keen ears were grasping to understand what I was hearing. The entrancing story caught me, any by 1:56, I was in. In deep.


Three straight listens later and needless to say this song has crept into my top electronic songs of all time. A beautiful homage of what has come before them all the while pushing the boundaries of song structure and what is ‘electronic music’. Daft Punk provides the illusion that this isn’t your grandma’s dance track, yet those toes keep tappin, because deconstructed, it really is.


Throw on some decent headphones and pay this track your undivided attention. You’ll be glad ya did.



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