Pusha T- My Name Is My Name

Good grief.


This history fuelling Pusha T’s fire is almost as astonishing as his prowess and influence in the game. I remember the anticipation I had for this albums release. It was the in the thick of exams and I really needed some put your head down and grind music, but I had my doubts if King Push could capture the magic he struck on some of his previous solo work and put out an album entirely comprised of the fire he’s been known to spit.


The King does not disappoint. An underlying theme of this album seems to be that the rapper was a shepherd of rap world, leading his decibels in the right direction, but not he was not slowing down to help the slower in the herd. After all, it’s better to be feared then loved, if you cant be both. After this shit dropped, its pretty apparent Pusha T was hungry for both. The production on this album does not cater to your Friday night hip hop fan, but bangers like Numbers on the Board’s and Nostalgia make any rap fan turn their cheek and take notice.


As he proclaims on the intro track, he don’t sing hooks.


I appreciate the hell out of this album as it reminds any hustler, sporting a suit or a do-rag, mastering your craft is worth the fucking work.




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