Al Green- Lets Stay Together

Not so sure exactly if you can pin this album down as simply as it seems. On the surface Al brings you that smooth sultry goodness every couple needs when the kitchen table turns into a battleground, however the conversation being had on this album is just as revealing of Al’s state of mind and fragility as it is telling a story of a mans relationship crumbling to bits.


One of the most Quintessentially 70’s albums to stand the test of time, Let’s Stay Together provides track after track of the familiar, even to a first time listener. With the stripped down production, leaving the glossy production for a more studio feel, it feels intimate. It feels like the musicians in the studio don’t care if anyones listening, and that the contents were simply something that just had to be said.


The cohesion between Al and his band is boarder-line scary, as if they were a family band living in a one bedroom, but a special shoutout to the background vocalists on the record who provide a subtle, brass like support to the vocals, ensuring at the highest point of the vocal vulnerability, Al is never really in this alone.


As a sad album that doesn’t make you sad, it can be said this beast is certifiable, easy.



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