Frankie Cosmos- Next Thing

Frankie Cosmos on her latest album The Next Thing finds away to combine her endearing school girl charm with mature, introspective and aware song writing, executing with such conviction you forget she is but 22 years young, not a seasoned vet. I believe the beauty of this album is that it never pretends to be something its not.  An overwhelming comfort which somehow calms your ‘special snowflake’ self loathing for the short half hour of bliss The Next Thing provides.


Her unique, seemingly removed yet active point of view on her own experience provide the listener with an experience that somehow combines a 3rd party view of an awkward young-20’s girl discovering heartbreak while simultaneously holding hands with our tragic hero. The album has a somber feel but provides and underlying sense of wonder, as if in the end, Frankie knows everything will work out. That graceful period falling after the life crushing heartbreak of first love, and the eventual saddening realization after your third major breakup at 32, you might have to settle for that lay-up guy you passed on a few years back. Blissfully reminding us that everything will indeed, be alright.


Special shout out to the 50’s era ballad homage, Outside With the Cuties, with strumming guitar and a the backup of wanna-be-cronies finishing with a modern resonating synth. It works, and we noticed.




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